I was fortunate to get one of EVD’s original banjolas, based on the Pollmann banjo of the 1890’s. I played it for several years and decided to have Edward replace the standard neck with a “long neck” as in the 1958 Vega Pete Seeger banjo. Now I play the world’s first “long neck banjola”, and it sounds spectacular, due to the string tension being less than that of a standard length instrument. My banjola has a mellow, warm and woody sound, with plenty of sustain, it is simply a musical work of art!!!

-- Larry Shirkey, Denver, CO

Received the banjola yesterday. I had been away. Everything is fine. It is an amazing instrument. Wonderful sound. Lots of admiring comments – including from a friend who is a professional luthier. I see it opening up a whole new realm of music-making for me. Haven’t had a chance to try it with the pick-up yet. Thanks so much for developing this concept so succesfully. I see this becoming my principle instrument. Take care.

-- Tony Law

Although I did not have a chance to feel a 5-string neck profile, I did not find anything objectionable about the 6-string profile. By the way, one of them had the traditional 5th (6th?) string tuner at the fifth fret and the other had a tunnelled 5th/6th. As far as construction goes, Edward’s banjolas are clearly fine instruments, something you might expect a luthier to produce as opposed to a factory in China. Also, he offers the opportunity for variation and customization and would be more likely to make me a satisfied customer. At this point in my life, I can afford finer instruments and, after seeing Edward’s banjolas, I cannot see myself settling for anything less.

I was impressed with the tone of Edward’s banjolas. Of course, the banjolas that Edward had on hand were both 6-strings, so that provided the lower note. I found that having that note available was seductive, although I wasn’t able to use it without thought as you would if you were familiar with the instrument.

-- Jeff Markham

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy playing the EVD banjola you built for me in 1998. I believe that my instrument was the 9th banjola you built and the first one with the scroll peghead and guitar-style tuners. I play some folk, Irish, and classical music using bare fingers but also use it for Bluegrass & folk while wearing picks. You’ll find mention of the instrument on our AOL home page at the link at the bottom. Thanks again for a wonderful instrument.

-- Paul Bock

Just wanted you to know that I love the banjola… I used it in a recording the day it arrived… It has already made it on to two albums…great work… and thank you for delivering it so promptly… I really want to write some songs for it… maybe in the Spring I’ll make some time to write… If I record any compositions I think you’d like, I’ll send you a CD… Mike

-- Mike West & Katie Euliss, from the band Truckstop Honeymoon