Customer Review - Jeff Markham

Although I did not have a chance to feel a 5-string neck profile, I did not find anything objectionable about the 6-string profile. By the way, one of them had the traditional 5th (6th?) string tuner at the fifth fret and the other had a tunnelled 5th/6th. As far as construction goes, Edward’s banjolas are clearly fine instruments, something you might expect a luthier to produce as opposed to a factory in China. Also, he offers the opportunity for variation and customization and would be more likely to make me a satisfied customer. At this point in my life, I can afford finer instruments and, after seeing Edward’s banjolas, I cannot see myself settling for anything less.

I was impressed with the tone of Edward’s banjolas. Of course, the banjolas that Edward had on hand were both 6-strings, so that provided the lower note. I found that having that note available was seductive, although I wasn’t able to use it without thought as you would if you were familiar with the instrument.

-- Jeff Markham